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Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to introduce our “turn-key” clinical research capabilities alongside our enduring commitment to ophthalmology.

How PRN Can Help You!

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Drawing from many years of vigorous participation and a broad network of mature contractors in the ophthalmic community, PRN Pharmaceutical Research Network, LLC capably provides all aspects of clinical trial management and consulting in both the US and EU.

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PRN’s Mission

PRN’s mission is to fight blindness through outstanding clinical research management.

PRN’s History

PRN was founded by Dr. William and Jeanette Stewart in 1999 as an ophthalmic specific CRO. Jeanette manages day to day operations. PRN was created to provide a superior standard for clinical trials in ophthalmology to the pharmaceutical community.

PRN has managed over 76 trials for 22 sponsors, from large pharmaceutical companies to startups, 58 of which were conducted in the US and 18 in Europe and the rest of the world. Four projects had more than 100 sites; the largest project included approximately 7,500 subjects and the duration of the longest project was 3 years. PRN has an outstanding contractor retention track record; to date almost every project has been completed by the project team initially assigned.

PRN’s Worldwide First-Team


PRN maintains a global, overlapping network of professionals with deep ophthalmic experience. Although the Project Manager and Clinical Research Associates assigned to each project must have at least 3 years ocular experience, typical team members have acquired their skill set over 14 years. PRN is proud of our professionals’ record and commitment to complete every project!

PRN’s Worldwide Backup-Team

When emergencies strike PRN depends on a backup team of devoted contractors in both in the US and the EU. Equal to the first-team members in skill and experience, they stand ready to fill in when needed.