PRN – Testimonials

Unsolicited Sponsor Comments

From a CEO…The trial conduct and data were meticulous, and I am very happy overall.

… I have been part of a clinical trial before but this trial was different. With PRN as captain of the study-team we had no fears. You were on top of every single thing and knew every minute detail of the trial. Your CRAs looked at data with eagle eyes and sailing was smooth all the way. I told my colleagues PRN would be excellent. Thank you for proving me right. Thank you for what you have done for us.

Thanks so much for your support. I hope you know how much we appreciated PRN! Couldn’t have possibly been where we are today without your professional excellence along the way.

Thank you all for your continued dedicated efforts for molding this planned goal into a successful reality. This was indeed very challenging and PRN has excelled in achieving this. Thank you all once again. Much appreciated!!

I am so thankful to have you and PRN on this project!

I have worked with PRN, Bill and Jeanette Stewart, since 1997. They always do good work, their prices are very reasonable and they don’t bill you for every little change. Many times they provide a refund of monies at the end of the study.

Unsolicited Site Comments

If you have another glaucoma or dry eye study come your way, I hope you will think of us again. You guys are by far the best CRO to work with and that says a lot for you, Jeanette, since I know that it all comes from the top.

We have really enjoyed working with your group, they have all been both knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with! I feel confident our paths will cross again!

 Unsolicited Data Manager (DM) Comments

Thank you for the experience and training that PRN’s CRAs bring to every project. Not only are they well trained, but they successfully train site personnel more effectively than their peers. In a comparison of two recent, nearly identical studies for which I provided DM services, PRN’s CRAs averaged 4.5 compared to 9.5 queries per subject for the other company! This makes my job more efficient and allows me to have much better confidence in the reliability of the data.