Ophthalmic Pharmaceutical and Device Companies

PRN PharmaFarm recently published findings from an internal database of ophthalmic pharmaceutical and device companies with a new product in development.1

We identified 190 companies developing ophthalmic products. Of these, 134 were privately held and 56 publicly held.


In the United States there were 136 companies: 50 located in the West, 45 in the Northeast, 29 in the South and 11 in the Midwest and 1 in the Virgin Islands. The states that had the most companies were: California (n=43), Massachusetts (n=19), and New York (n=9).

There were 54 companies located outside the United States of which the most were in: Switzerland (n=7), France (n=7), Israel (n=6) and the United Kingdom (n=6).


Of the 190 companies identified there were 436 total products with 338 being pharmaceuticals and 98 treatment devices.


The pharmaceuticals included 46 separate indications of which the most common, just over 50% of all products (n=173), were: wet and dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD, n=75), glaucoma (n=52) and dry eye (n=46).

Devices included 30 separate indications with the most common being glaucoma (n=26) and AMD (n=19).


For the pharmaceuticals the most common broad product classes were: anti-inflammatory (n=35), hormone therapy (n=33), anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (n=25), monoclonal antibody (n=21) and gene therapy (n=27).


The most common product classes with the medical devices were ocular implants (n=25) and drug delivery (n=19).


This study suggests ophthalmology as a specialty is benefited by a wide effort in new medicine and device development.

However, a concentration of effort into relatively few indications in pharmaceutical products hints to a potential lack of market analysis and possible difficulty for many companies in commercializing their product.

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1. Sharpe RA, Austin JP, Kruft B, Nelson LA, Stewart JA, Stewart WC.
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Ophthalmic Res 2015; in press.