Start Your Own Pharmaceutical Company!

Have you ever dreamed about developing your own unique idea for a new medicine into an actual pharmaceutical company? Do the hurdles seem insurmountable and the process of starting and funding a new company seem intimidating?

Let us Help!

I have the experience and skills, as an ophthalmologist and development strategist, to help turn your dream into reality. Since 2010 I have directed PRN PharmaFarm, LLC, whose mission is to fight blindness, by assisting start-ups with their development processes. In that role I have collaborated with a number of start-ups in developing their medicines, reviewed over 60 requests for funding, published in the area of ophtha start-up business and have many years’ experience working with the pharmaceutical industry.

Together with my extensive network of professional colleagues I can help you evaluate your medicine in relation to the marketplace and assist you in starting your company.

What is my motivation? This is my way, as a physician who has been involved in ophthalmology for many years, to give back to the community and help patients receive promising new sight saving therapies.

How We Can Assist You

Company Foundations

I can help you understand the steps needed to found your own pharmaceutical company with such important items as: legal documents, intellectual property, FDA regulations and guidances, administration, personnel, research development, manufacturing and fundraising. My emphasis is to manage these steps in the most inexpensive and effective manner.

Product Assessment

I can assist you in evaluating your idea and its viability in the marketplace. I also can help you tailor your product story to the fundraising and ophthalmic communities. Further, I know many individual key opinion leaders and have the capacity to perform ophthalmic community surveys to gain a wider set of opinions regarding the desirability of your new product.

Industry Contacts

No one person in the start-up community knows all the different aspects of product development. As you begin and mature your company, I can help you connect with specialists in different ophthalmic areas of development including: manufacturing, delivery vehicles, preclinical, pharmacology and clinical research, toxicology, regulatory, quality assurance, statistics, data management, medical writing, legal intellectual property protection, technical security and support. Together, my team can help develop your medicine in a timely and cost efficient manner.


I have access to individual angels, angel groups, mid-size and large ophthalmic companies to assist you in introducing your product to people who will potentially fund its development or ultimately license it.

Experience Matters

Dr. Stewart’s experience directing an ophthalmic start-up is a complicated endeavor that involves much on-the-job training. Dr. Stewart’s experience as an ophthalmologist, researcher, day-to-day work with start-ups, and his deep experience in due diligence with those who request funding provide him with a unique perspective, knowledge and contacts to help CEOs manage their business. Talk to Dr. Stewart to let him help you guide your company to success!

Dr. Stewart has assisted start-ups in the areas of lead product identification, pre-clinical non-GLP and GLP toxicology, and pharmacology planning. He has helped oversee product due diligence, drug substance and drug product development, regulatory planning, FDA document preparation (including: protocols, pre-IND briefing documents, INDs and Investigator Brochures), timeline creation, budget management, and clinical planning.

As a board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Stewart has advised the ophthalmic pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. He has worked with 51 separate ophthalmic pharmaceutical and device companies in clinical planning, study design and global product development. Further, he has either directed or participated in 15 clinical advisory boards.

Leverage your success by gleaning from Dr. Stewart’s vast experience!

Dr. Stewart’s Curriculum Vitae

Disclaimer: Dr. Stewart is an advisor to ophthalmic start-ups for general development plans and goals. He is not trained as a lawyer or specifically in any one area of development. Specific development questions should be directed to appropriate experts in the field in question. In addition, Dr. Stewart also assists start-ups in identifying sources of potential investment funding for companies. Dr. Stewart is not a financial advisor. Each potential investor should gather information from multiple sources and use appropriate attorneys, financial advisors and available FDA regulations and guidance to make informed investment decisions. Dr Stewart does not make specific recommendations into which company to invest.