PharmaFarm – Start-up Market Assessment

Cost Effective Market Analyses for Start-ups

PRN PharmaFarm LLC’s experience has revealed that few start-up companies have adequate marketing or pharmacoeconomic analyses to support their product. A solid analysis of potential markets (buyers, the medical community, third party payers and patients themselves) can support realistic projections for a new medicine or device.

Drawing from a vast database of ophthalmologists, optometrists and ophthalmic pharmaceutical professional experts PharmaFarm can customize groups to provide expert opinions about new products. All members of our market analysis team have lengthy experience in eye care, work independently and on a consulting basis. PharmaFarm offers several cost effective market analysis tools.

Expert Opinions From Experienced Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

PharmaFarm can bring together, in a focus group or interview setting, start-up, academic or clinically experienced ophthalmologists or optometrists to provide focused product and marketing analyses. Further, larger groups of targeted ophthalmologists can be surveyed.

Competitive Analyses

PharmaFarm’s ophthalmic industry experts can interface with PharmaFarm’s extensive database of ophthalmic medicines and devices under development to create a sound analysis of competing products and companies.

Ophthalmic Patients

PharmaFarm can reach out to patients of interest for focus groups or surveys.


Disclaimer: Dr. Stewart is an advisor to ophthalmic start-ups for general development plans and goals. He is not trained as a lawyer or specifically in any one area of development. Specific development questions should be directed to appropriate experts in the field in question. In addition, Dr. Stewart also assists start-ups in identifying sources of potential investment funding for companies. Dr. Stewart is not a financial advisor. Each potential investor should gather information from multiple sources and use appropriate attorneys, financial advisors and available FDA regulations and guidance to make informed investment decisions. Dr Stewart does not make specific recommendations into which company to invest.